(CS 1.6) sXe 14.5 Super Simple Wallhack Download

~ (CS 1.6) Super Simple Wallhack v7.0 (sXe 14.1) ~

How to use :

*  First of all Open sXe 14.5

*  Open Xtrap kill.exe and go to Ring0Hooks and right click on center and click restore all

*  Open Super Simple Wallhack v7.0
*  Click On Load
*  Open Counter - Strike 1.6 Non Steam
*  Join any Server and Enjoy !

Keys/Bind :

F8 : Crosshair
F9 : Asus Wallhack and XQZ Wallhack
F10 : No Sky
F11 : NoSmoke / NoFlash
F12 : Lambert

(Download Xtrap Kill)

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Munna said...

i know this works fine. bro when will be Inexinferis sXe 14.1 coming out.

Shark Pro said...

Bro Inexinferis Cheat is block for a while AImbot is Coming be Pateince:) Keep Visit

Munna said...

oh.. thank for replying me back :)

Shark Pro said...

Welcome Bro :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

muy bueno gracias amigo

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